Find A Professional Sales Representative
When you send an inquiry to our company by email, fax or phone, our sales manager will immediately determine the variety of the product and distribute the inquiry to the most suitable and professional sales representative who is familiar with the same or similar products and will contact you within 1 hour to 24 hours.
Full Communication
Being as a professional of the same or similar products that you request, our sales representative will make the solution(s) of the most suitable material, product construction and packing details according to the use and other possible keys of product that you request. Sometimes, if needed, our representative could also negotiate with our production manager or the related colleagues to offer you the best solution(s).
Every quotation sent from our sales representative reflects a product solution that has been discussed and agreed by members of sale, production and purchase depts. It means the solution is based on the most reasonable and lowest costs.
QC Procedures
Before production, a representative sample will be sent to you for final quality approval. At the same time, another keep-sample is also sealed by us for quality reference of production.

At the beginning of production, a quality tracking form is created, in which we could find all the quality control details and final quality comments of the finished product made by sales representative, quality inspector and production manager. It means that the whole production from the beginning to the end will be under supervision by our sales representative, quality inspector and production manager. If there is any quality difference between production and keep-sample, the related sales representative will be advised at the first time and the production will be hold before the problem is solved.

After shipping, at least one keep-sample of the production is sealed by us and it will be available for future quality reference of any new orders or any quality complaint of the shipped product within the following 12 months. Some professional testing reports of our products and our raw materials issued by authorized labs are also available at our company.
An estimated delivery schedule (production lead time and shipment time) is informed to and agreed by you before every order placement. Normally, we will follow up this schedule. If we forecast any shipment delay caused by any unexpected reason(s), our sales representative will advise you with an updated delivery schedule as soon as we can.

New Product Update
Once you are added in our customer list, our sales representative will send the information of our new
related products and activities to you in a nonscheduled way.
New Product Development
Any new design of cork articles and cork related articles are welcome. By almost ten years of the close cooperation with our valuable customers, we have a lot of new product development experiences and a certain number of associated engineers and professionals to be our strong R&D capability.
Any custom-design is protected and confidential at our company. If needed, a writing confidential agreement can be duly signed by both parties.
Marketing Tools
Each of our catalogues, brochures, leaflets, specification sheets and website are well designed and prepared by our professionals and designers. These could be the good tools for you to know well about our products and our services.