Cork Wall Tiles
Cork Wall Tiles are an eco-friendly, natural, fashionable and multifunctional wall covering material. Decoration, heat & sound insulation, and tackboard use are the multifunction of Cork Wall Tiles. A highlight of Cork Wall Tiles is Decoration Use. The unique patterns and the warm texture make Cork Wall Tiles distinctive from other traditional materials. The following form shows the types of LEECORK Wall Tiles with the available function notes. Some of the types can usually be used as ceiling tiles for the decorative and insulation purposes too.

Classical Cork Wall Tiles

Classical Cork Wall Tiles are natural and environmental friendly products for home decoration, which are modern and fashionable as well as remains all advantages of natural cork: resistance to liquid penetration, sound absorbing, anti-static, elastic and insulating. In addition, LEECORK Classical Wall Tiles are different from others for their unique patterns.
         Standard Dimensions: 600 x 300 x 3.0mm         Standard Dimensions: 600 x 300 x 12.7mm
         Density: 300-350kgs/cbm                                       Density: 300-350kgs/cbm
         Surface Treatment: Waxed or natural                   Surface Treatment: Waxed or natural
         Packing: 10pcs/shrink pack; 5packs/carton        Packing: 6pcs/shrink pack; 2packs/carton
         Carton size: 620 x 320 x 170mm                           Carton size: 620 x 320 x 170mm

Please download the two collections below to view all the patterns of LEECORK Classical Wall Tiles.
        * Meditian Collection       * Cathaian Collection

Dark Cork Wall Tiles

Dark Cork Wall Tiles are manufactured from the carbonized natural cork. Previously, this item was mainly used as the insulation material because of the excellent heat insulation property. Nowadays, Dark Cork Wall Tiles are becoming to a fashionable decorative material as Classical Cork Wall Tiles due to its unique color and texture as well as the excellent insulation features.
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Cork Wall Tiles for Pushpin
Cork Wall Tiles for Pushpin are manufactured from premium grade composition cork with clean cork granules and cut to tiles with standard dimensions. It can be easily stuck on wall in office, children room or anywhere bulletin function is desired. For easy mounting, LEECORK encloses foam tape in each pack, which contains 4 pieces of cork tiles.
    Material options:
There are two materail options that LEECORK usually offers to customers. Please view the picture on the right side to know about the texture of these two materails. The material grade LM210-SP is an economical option with natural cork surface, while the materail grade LB250-SP is an higher quality option with smooth surface. Click here to know more about these two materails in "Cork Rolls and Sheets".
Standard Dimensions:
  305x305x5.0mm and 152x152x5.0mm

Packing (for 305 x 305 x 5.0mm tiles):
  4 cork tiles, 36pcs of self-adhesive pad and 1 piece of 4/c label per shrinking pack; 6 shrinking packs per master carton; Additonal outer carton packing is avaliable at LEECORK.
Unpacked cork tiles
Shrink packed cork tiles
It is a very easy and quick job to install the tiles. Just clean the surface where you would like to stick the tiles. Then, peel off the seperating paper of the self-adhesive pads and stick on the back side (rougher side) of cork tiles. Finally, stick the cork tiles to the cleaned surface.
Position of self-adhesive pads
on the back of cork tiles
Incidentally, to create a Cork Bulletin Wall, besides using the above mentioned Classical Wall Tiles or Cork Wall Tiles for Pushpin, it is another option to use premium quality Cork Rolls. Please view the following photo of the Cork Bulletin Wall made of Cork Rolls. Click here to find suitable cork rolls in "Cork Rolls and Sheets" to make your Cork Bulletin Wall!
Cork Bark Tiles
Cork Bark Tiles are made of cork bark and composition cork. It is rich in surface texture and flat on the back side of the tiles. According to the different surface texture, LEECORK divides cork bark tiles into three types as Virgin Bark Tiles and Corkwood Tiles & Back Bark Tiles. Click here to know more about Cork Bark Tiles in "Cork Bark and Cork Bark Tiles".
Virgin Bark Tile                    Corkwood Tile                 Back Bark Tile