Cork Underlayment
Cork Underlayment - An ideal solution to achieve excellent acoustic benefits of flooring underlayment to make a natural and quiet floor for you and ...
LEECORK is the Chinese pioneer supplying cork underlayment products to serve a global market. For the latest 4 years, LEECORK has been keeping the record to have the largest sales volume of cork underlayment comparing with other Chinese competitions.

Based upon full business experience and customer service, LEECORK offers a wide range of cork underlayment products for various customer demands. Followings are the common types of LEECORK underlayment products.
The cork sheets for underlayment with 6.35mm (1/4") thick supplied by LEECORK was tested for acoustic ratings by a professional authorized testing laboratory in North America in year 2003. To get acoustic testing report of LEECORK 1/4" cork sheets for underlayment, please feel free to contact us.

For more technical specifications & packing information for above products, please download below documents:

LEECORK also meets some special requirements that customer often has.
1. Untrimmed sheets and rolls, in order to enlarge the width and/or length.
2. Special packing in cartons and pallets
3. Sanding on one or both side(s) of sheets
4. Large sheets sized 2440mm L x 1220mm W x 0.8-6.0mm T
5. Sheets with higher hardness or flexibility

Custom Designs
Besides common types of cork underlayment, LEECORK also makes and supplies Custom Design cork underlayment products. Attached below is a good example of Custom Design cork sheets for underlayment.
LEECORK, with her customers, has never stopped making research and development of eco-friendly undelrayment products by using cork and other materials such as rubber, plastic, cardboard and etc. Any new idea of underlayment products is welcome at LEECORK!