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Cork Flooring
Cork Flooring is one of the most comfortable and beautiful flooring options available. It is suitable to home, high grade guesthouse, meeting room, library, broadcasting studio, kindergarden, computer room, hospital, bath room, test room etc, especially a perfect solution to the places needing quiet, no slipping, resistant to water and moisture.
LEECORK supplies two types of cork flooring products, which are Cork Parquet Tiles and Cork Floating Floor. The product structure and installation method of these two types are totally different, while all the patterns or colors that LEECORK presents are available with both types at LEECORK.
There are more than thirty existing patterns and colors offered by LEECORK. All patterns and colors are available for cork parquet tiles and cork floating floor. Please download the four collections below to view all the patterns and colors.
Please find the following documents LEECORK presents online about cork flooring products. If any further information is required, please feel free to contact us.