Cork Bark and Cork Bark Tiles
Cork Bark is the bark peeled off from cork oak tree. You could know more about cork bark and cork in About Cork.
Cork bark is divided into Virgin Cork Bark & Corkwood. Virgin cork bark is the first harvest of a cork tree. It has a deeply structured,rougher surface. Corkwood is the subsequent harvests of a cork tree. Its surface looks darker than virgin cork bark and its texture is smoother. You may distinguish them with the different surface texture in the following two pictures:
Virgin Cork Bark Corkwood

As one of the commercialized cork products, Cork Bark is mainly used to achieve different purpose according to our knowledge and experience.
       * Make a natural-concept background for exhibiting or displaying product
       * Make natural and unique decorations in zoo, arboretum, especially offer ideal sleeping, resting,
          climbing and hiding places for all creatures.
       * Be used at any outdoor or indoor place that you want to touch or feel nature
At LEECORK, Cork bark is sold by weight, 50kgs per bale. As a natural product, shapes and sizes of Cork Bark within any one shipment will vary. Please Contact us for details.

Packing of Cork Bark

Cork Bark Tiles are made of cork bark and composition cork. It is rich in surface texture and flat on the back side of the tiles. According to the different surface texture, LEECORK divides cork bark tiles into three types as Virgin Bark Tiles and Corkwood Tiles & Back Bark Tiles.
Virgin Bark Tile Corkwood Tile Back Bark Tile
Cork Bark Tiles can be used in almost all the places where cork bark is used. Because the back side of Cork Bark Tiles is flat, cork bark tile is easier to stick on walls and other surfaces.

LEECORK offers Cork Bark Tiles with the standard dimensions as below.

300mm x 300mm 450mm x 300mm 600mm x 300mm  
600mm x 450mm 600mm x 600mm 600mm x 900mm  

Custom size Cork Bark Tiles are also available at LEECORK.
Packing of Cork Bark Tiles