By means of customer communications, customer service, business experiences, manufacturing experiences, quality control, R&D, and strong associations extracted and achieved in the past years, LEECORK is nowadays acting as one of the leading Chinese cork suppliers to serve a global market. LEECORK is proud of devoting herself to providing people with the versatile cork products being manufactured from the bark of trees that live and grow after peeling.
Background And History Events Of The Company
* In autumn 1998, the founder of LEECORK, Mr. Gordon Lee, engaged in Chinese cork industry and was employed by a trading company who sold cork raw material to Europe.

* In the year 1999, Mr. Gordon Lee became a sales assistant of the trading company and focused on the cork business operation in the trading company.

* In winter 2001, Mr. Gordon Lee and his 2 business partners initially established a cork division in an import and export company. They started to sell abroad granulated cork.

* In spring 2002, Mr. Gordon Lee and his business partners named the cork division LEECORK. In this year, LEECORK put composition cork sheets and cork gift and stationery products into her sales product line.

* In autumn 2003, LEECORK firstly had an opportunity to show her products in a domestic exhibition and won some important businesses for its growing. In this year, LEECORK constructed her website www.leecork.com.

* In summer 2004, LEECORK made heavy investment and established her own cork plant, where the first UV prefinished glue down cork tile was produced. The product range of LEECORK has also been much developed in this year.

* In spring 2005, LEECORK made the commercial registration and became a private owned cork company – Xi'an Leecork Co., Ltd. from a division. In August of this year, LEECORK's sale historically achieved the largest monthly volume - approx. 32 containers (20ft ST) of various kinds of cork products. At the end of this year, LEECORK started to offer professional training programs to her employees.

* In spring 2006, LEECORK established her sister company – Leecork (HK) International, Ltd. In this year, LEECORK's sales historically achieved the largest annual volume – approx. 220 containers (20ft ST) of various kinds of cork products.
* At the beginning of year 2007, government adjusted the Tax Rebate Policy of Export Commodity. From that time, most of cork products were not tax rebated any more. In order to comply with this new policy change and do most efficient work in the right industrial and market position, LEECORK closed her own production plant in 2007 and concentrated on Marketing, Sale, Customer Communication, Customer Service, Product Development, QC and R&D.
Since this year, LEECORK has continuously made heavy financial, machinery and technical investments in the associated cork factories who manufacture for and serve her. This structure type of the close association relationship between LEECORK and her associated manufacturers is very unique in Chinese cork industry till now.

* In summer 2008, LEECORK moved to a new office, as one of her properties in a commercial tower building which is located at one of the most commercial valued CBD area in the city of Xi’an. In second half of year 2008, the export volume of Chinese cork products was gradually affected by the global financial crisis and RMB currency appreciation against USD & EUR. In winter 2008, a regional industrial association meeting was held in Xi’an for the discussion of taking proper actions together in order to protect the regional cork enterprises especially during this difficult year by the leaders of most of the main regional cork enterprises.

* The 1st half of the year 2009 is a very difficult business period for many Chinese enterprises because of the global financial crisis. LEECORK did suffer a business shrinking at the same time. From July of this year, the global economy has been recovering slowly and the business of the company has been getting better gradually. However, no one knows how long to get back to the previous sales volume. Although it is not a good year of business, it is a God-given time to stop and consider where-we-are, what-we-have-to-change, where-we-go and how-to-go. Therefore, a lot of reasonable, detailed and wonderful reforms and improvements relating to management, marketing, customer service, QC, R&D, training programs and etc. were discussed and brought into effect in the company, while not so many reforms and improvements have been discussed or implemented in previous good-business years. These valuable reforms and improvements are positively effecting LEECORK to be on the right developing way and healthier and stronger than ever before.
To be continued